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MC201V1 - Matrix Clock

The Matrix clock is a single board, Arduino compatible clock that displays the time on an LED matrix display.

Based on the Arduino Leonardo, the Matrix Clock is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE and can be easily updated or customised with new sketches and then uploaded via a USB Micro cable.

A coin cell powered Real Time Clock Calendar keeps track of the time and date when the unit in not powered.

The Matrix Clock can also play musical alarms that can be easily reprogrammed with different tunes. Due to its compact form factor the Matrix clock could be fitted in any number of housings even a pocket watch style housing. If portability is desirable then the unit can be battery powered. A sleep function is available (by taking one of the expansion pins to ground) in order to extend battery life.


  • 16x8 LED Matrix display

  • ATMEGA32U4 microcontroller

  • Coin cell powered Real Time Clock Calendar

       (1x Battery CR1220, 12mmDia x 2mm Required)

  • Texas Instruments TLC5920 LED driver

  • 4 Buttons

  • Piezo speaker output

  • Sleep mode input

  • 2 power inputs, USB Micro connector or  6V - 9V DC in. (Normal powered by Vin switches when USB power is present).


66mm wide x 32mm high x 20mm deep.




Atmel ATmega32u4 in TQFP-44 package

Operating Voltage

5V USB powered or 6V to 9V

USB Micro B

Power and communications


Approx 90mA average during normal operation  Max. 300mA

LED Matrix

2x 8x8 3mm green  LEDs

Clock speed

Microcontroler 16 MHz, RTCC 32.768 KHz


2.5 KB


1 KB

Flash Memory

32 KB

Expansion Header

Gnd, Vin, 5V, Sleep, Piezo-, Piezo+

For the latest firmware click here. Go to downloads page

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Matrix Clock



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If you would like to order a Matrix Clock please try Seeed Studio or email me and if there is enough demand I will have another batch manufactured.